Posted 10 Sep, 2020

Planning your Honeymoon?

A budget is your best friend

Start off by deciding how much you can afford to spend. Then stick to it. It’s easy to get carried away with honeymoon planning, so knowing how much you can comfortably afford is important from the beginning – and don’t forget to leave a little room in the budget for activities (be it scuba diving, a couples’ massage or fancy dinners) while you’re away.

Think beyond the brochures

Holiday brochures will sell you a certain kind of honeymoon but if you’re after something a little more unique, a little more you, it’s worth using the brochures as a stepping stone – alongside guidebooks and the internet – to figure out what you want and where you want to go.

Don’t be shy!

Tell everyone it’s your honeymoon. Write it on every enquiry form you fill in and every booking you make; tell travel agents, check-in staff and air hostesses; in short, don’t wait to be asked – tell people.

Telling people that it’s your honeymoon will often open doors that wouldn’t normally be opened – from free hotel upgrades and champagne on arrival to candlelit dinners and petal-strewn baths. So remember, being newlyweds is not something to keep to yourselves!

Check the forecast

Before you book anything, check what the weather will be like for the time of year you’re travelling – you can get great deals in the Caribbean during hurricane season, but you might prefer not to run the risk of bad weather. If you’ve got your heart set on a particular destination but the weather is going to be appalling (and you’re not prepared to put up with it like that), consider having a staycation immediately after your wedding and then going on a longer honeymoon when the weather is perfect.

Insure your peace of mind

BUY INSURANCE! Chances are, nothing will go wrong. But if your bag goes missing, your plane is delayed or your passport drops out of your pocket on the beach, you’ll want to be covered. Make sure the valuables limit covers the cost of those shiny new rings you’re both wearing, too.

The name game

If you’re thinking of changing your name when you get married, and planning to travel under your new name, make sure that your travel documents match the names on your bookings. Likewise, if you don’t change your name, expect everyone to still greet you as Mr and Mrs Whoever-made-the-booking’s-surname!